Snake Names Best in 2019 – Popular, Unique, and Uncommon Ideas

snake names
snake names

As a pet owner, you have many options to choose the right pet. However, when it comes to living with snakes, it is a No! No! too many. I know a lot of snake enthusiasts who are big fans of snakes. There are giving them great snake names and would live with them all their life! Even though snakes do not make any good pets, there are better snake species that make fascinating pets.

Guide to choosing the best Pet Snake Names

The Corn snake and the Ball python are one of the most loved pet snakes. Many reasons make people love reptiles as pets. This includes the fact that they are easy to maintain, unlike any other pet. They are easily tamed into a home environment and are pleasing to handle. Moreover, a pet snake can be used as a beautiful accent in a home for their color and pattern on their skin.

Choose the best female snake names to be able later to get them out of their hiding. Otherwise, these silent creatures may not interact well with you if you do not find a rosy name to call them out. In this article, we will consider all the options available to you for your pet snake names.

Best & Excellent snake names to consider for your pet.

To solidify the relationship with your pet, you should come up with excellent pet snake names to ensure that your snake feels pampered. It is important to choose the pet name which will correspond with their character. If they have a notorious character, you can give them tough-sounding names that express the real rebel they are.

Want to know what is the best name for a snake?

Here are some names to consider;

























Each of these names for your pet snake will make them know the real aggressive character in them. Calling them often with the preferred name will enhance how the fact the snake masters its name. Certainly, they will slither to you when they here you call them by that name.

Another great idea would be calling them by their name when you are playing with them, giving them food, or when cleaning their house. Moreover, it plays an important role when members of your family can also call you pet snake with your preferred name.

Check out our collection of cool snake names

You could be looking for cool pet snake names to call your pet. We have a great collection of cool names that your snake will love. Want to know cool snake names? Here are some of the names to consider!

















These are just some cool pet snake names to consider. However, coupled up with creativity, you can come up with great snake names that can portray your snake as natively cool.

Does your pet have stripes and bold color pattern? Then you’re a candidate for this. One of the best and creative ways in which you can come up with such names is calling them after their color and bold pattern. Naming your pet snake after their natural looks provide a cool and appropriate description that perhaps your pet would love.

snake names 2

What are some of the funny snake names to consider?

Are you searching for a funny name for your snake? Funny snake names are the perfect solution for your pet. These pets live for long periods of time, and therefore giving them a funny name will be a great idea to foster a good relationship with your new roomie.

A list of names that top our list based on their natural attributes is Wiggle, Noodle, and Spaghetti. These names can be attributed to their slithering nature. However, there are tonnes of funny snake names to consider.

Want to know more? Here’s the deal, we have done some work on your behalf to find perfect, funny snake names for your pet; some from Reddit forum



Severus Snake


Julius Squeezer

Danger Noodle

Coca cobra




Mr. Slithers



Optimus Python








David Boa


Slim Snakey

Some more…..

Hissy Elliott

Humphrey Boa-Gart

Stevie Licks


Hisstopher Walken

Squeeze Dragon



Peter Slinklidge

Snakey McSnakeFace



Our collection of funny snake names is a snippet to the hundreds of funny pet snake names available in households. Naming your pet a funny snake name eases the tension associated with living snakes. At least you can smile when you see your snake slither your way after calling them by your preferred funny snake name.

What about those who love calling their snakes after human names?

Giving your pet snake a human name should infuse some personality to it. It is a great way to personalize your pet snake into a ‘human.’ Snakes are scary at times and giving them a human name is a great way to reduce the tension and infuse a feeling of a fellow living in your home.

Here are some of the human snake names to consider;
























   Piper etc.

I know this sparks lots of interests, you can give your male snake male pet snake names while your female snake goes with female names. It’s pleasing to enter your house and say something like, ‘Hi, Chris’ ‘Hi, Bertha’ etc. These names could be one from your long lost childhood friend!

Summary on snake names

Unfortunately, snakes do not respond to name calling as other pets do. However, giving your pet a cool, funny or human snake name, should help foster a healthy relationship with your pet. Moreover, it will be a great benefit for you if your pet snake will have a great name. Why? Giving them a name definitely makes them look much more lovely, friendly and less threatening.

If you are considering adopting a snake as a pet, do not worry, they are neither exotic nor strange. They are great and the fact that they could live for more than 20 years makes them the perfect pets live with. To foster a rosy relationship, consider, one of the names in this post and your friends will marvel at your creativity. Look here for some more pet names ideas. And read also What Are The Cutest Snake Breeds To Keep As A Pet? Good luck!


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