A Definitive Guide About Pet Snakes For A Pro & Beginner

The fact remains that snakes are fierce animals that not everybody ant to be around. However, with the right training and handle, snakes can make great pets. They are unique and interesting pets that are very easy to take care of. With proper supervision, snakes can make very greats pets for even young children. This can be overwhelming if you have never reared a snake before. If you have an interest in keeping snakes are pets, you are at home. This article is meant for all snake lovers, those who already have them as pets and for you who want to start rearing them. Here you will get all the information you need to know in order to have a delightful relationship with your pet. Even more, we have the best collection of cool snake names.


It is important to note that not all snake species are fit for pets, especially not for beginners. You have to be cautious with the snake you purchase. It is even more prudent to ask for guidance from a specialist on the species to purchase. Here are some snake species best for beginners and even experienced snake keepers.

Corn snake

With a meek temperament and low maintenance needs, a corn snake is so far the most popular and widely kept snake as a pet. In addition to its temperament, it also has very few health problems and it’s also very attractive. They’re common in orange color but are also available in gray and pink colors. They feed on rodents, which is done 5-6 days for young snakes and 7-10 days for adults.


These are non-poisonous snakes with a docile temperament, very cheap and also easy to care for. They are available in different colors but the most common is black with white patterns. Kingsnake can grow up to six feet long and should be fed at least once a week. It is also advisable not to keep kingsnakes with other species of snake in the same cage. For a proper habitat, you can line the cage sing aspen shavings and reptile barks.

Gopher snake

This is a good pet for beginners since they do not coil around your neck or arm, hence they are very easy to handle. They are common in yellow color with brown blotches. Its scales tend to be quite rougher than other snake types. As for their length, they can grow up to nine meters but in most cases, they are four meters long. Due to their long length compared to other pet snakes, they require a larger enclosure. They also like to hide at times. You can, therefore, improvise this by use of a box or plastic.

Milk snake

This one shares a lot of attributes with the king snake and is at times called the scarlet kingsnake. Among the many reasons why people like this snake, the major one is because of their beautiful color. They are common in red and black, white and yellow bands. A milk snake can grow up to five feet long. As far as feeding them is concerned, the young milk snakes should be fed 5-7 days while adults ten to fifteen days.

Rat snake

It is very similar to the corn snake. It makes a good pet due to its active nature during the day plus they are very easy to handle not forgetting that they have a very calm temperament. Rat snakes are often three to five feet long with gray to black color. Like gopher snakes, they also need a hiding place and fresh water at all times. One mouse a week is enough to feed them


The lifespan of a snake varies with the species of the sake. Some a have a short lifespan of 5-10 years like corn snakes while others can live up to thirty years like ball pythons. It is, therefore, necessary to know whether you want a short term or long term commitment before purchasing a snake for a pet.


It is important to note that all snakes are carnivorous. The difference comes in on the type of meat they take. Some species will feed on warm-blooded animals like rodents while others feed on insects, other reptiles and other cold-blooded animals.

Also, it is important to feed your pet snake on the dead rodents rather than live rodents, the reason being that is the prey can cause the pet harm as they fight before it dies.

Normally, a prey is enough meal for a snake since it provides a balanced diet for them. This makes it easy for snake owners to feed them since they do not require to purchase any additional feeds and also it minimizes dietary related problems.

Feeding dead or frozen preys is recommended to prevent the prey from hurting them. Train your snake pet to feed on dead prey or only give them the live prey if you know the snake is very hungry such that it will kill the prey instantly, giving it no chance to hurt the snake. You do not have to kill the prey by yourself. You can purchase the frozen food form pet stores.

Also, it is good to know how often you are supposed to feed your pet snake. The number of times you feed your snake will depend on a number of factors. These include the snake species, its age and size, and defecation routines. For instances, young snakes should be fed twice a week while an adult snake should be fed at least once a week.

In addition, it is important that you always make sure that there is water for the snake at all times. It is not only necessary for drinking purposes, but it is also important for keeping the aquarium humid. Some snakes will also defecate in the bowl. To keep the water safe and clean at all times, it is necessary to disinfect the bowl regularly and change the water frequently.


Taking care of your pet snake involves very basic practices. Ensuring that you have the right sized cage for your snake is one way. Ensure that the cage is not too small for large snakes and not too big for small snakes. Keep your snake well fed at all times. It is also important to check your snake from time to time to ensure it is in good health. Any negative change of behavior should be taken seriously as it might be a sign of illness.


A snake terrarium will play a major role in how active or lively your pet is. Before buying the terrarium, it is good to know how long your pet will grow in the future. This will help you purchase a cage that will accommodate your pet even as it grows. The terrarium should give your pet enough space for daily exercises. It should also be properly ventilated and the temperature in a good range, 78-82 Farenheights to give your snake a good living environment. The terrarium should have a large playing room and enough hiding spaces for the pet. You can also make use of accessories like sand, roots, and rocks to make the place look more authentic.

Snakes are one of the cheapest pets to keep. With the above information, you have all you need to know in order to start keeping a snake pit. if you are a snake lover, you have no reason not to purchase one today.